Camping beneath the Stars [oil on wood board 25x35cm © Omay Lee 2022]


吾心亦猶是 也。

吾身之氣, 四肢百體,

於此鍛煉識神, 斷除妄見, 然後藥生, 藥非有形之物, 此性光也。

The means of obtaining wholeness does not come from pursuit of spirit energy,
Rather, the secret comes from the place of the heart (mind). 

Raise your head to see the heavens,
through three hundred and sixty five degrees (days)* 
The celestial forms change hour upon hour, 
Yet the Bright Pole Star of ancient times remains unchanged, 
Notice, then, that the heart (mind) and spirit (breath energy) are like this too. 

The heart (mind) is thus like the rare precious pearl which remains unchanged (ie ancient),
Its spirit (breath energy) is like the numerous myriad stars which move upon the sky.
A person’s body possesses this mind spirit too, Infused within the physical limbs,
Like a network of galaxies interconnected,
Therefore do not over-exert this system. 

Engage with work to refine this spirit (soul), break away from extreme views, and then after that the medicine will develop. The medicine is not a tangible thing, it is the nature of the light within.

  ~ Translation of The Secret of the Golden Flower (part 12) – the way of the heart

*Referring to the Chinese lunar calendar

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