Hooves through the Glen – Oil Pastel on Paper – Omay Lee 2016
At hush of even-tide, 
O’er the hills beyond the Clyde, 
I go roaming to my heaven, 
Down in the Glen
 ~ Robert Wilson

Oil pastel on paper

The Crossing – Watercolour on Paper – Omay Lee 2018
A Crossing over the Water of Leith, Edinburgh – A view from the bridge. Throughout life, we make difficult crossings across thresholds to live in ways more aligned to our values. A threshold is like a tipping point, similar to the tipping points of the earth. It reminds us, too, that the earth itself may be approaching key tipping points in climate change including the runaway loss of ice sheets, which might fundamentally disrupt the global climate system. Can actions and values make a difference?

Watercolour on Paper [8.5x12inch] © Omay Lee 2020

Migration of the Bird – Oil on Canvas – Omay Lee 2020

Oil on Canvas [16x20inch] © Omay Lee 2020

Reindeer Heart – Oil on Canvas – Omay Lee 2020
The indigenous Eveny peoples of Siberia believed that reindeer were created by the sky god Hovki, for reciprocal nurturance on earth, and to lift the human soul up to the sun ~ Reindeer People, Vitebsky

The reciprocal relationship between humans and other-than-human were embodied in indigenous cultures, yet such heart-to-heart communication has become disengaged in modern times. How in these times do we revive this connection by way through our hearts?

Oil on Canvas © Omay Lee 2020

The Way of the Eagle – Oil on Canvas – Omay Lee 2020
“You might follow the eagle flying, and the eagle might go somewhere. Through the eagle you can see the red cliffs. Then another thing might grab your attention, and before you know it there’s a path created that is connected to you… Then you become aware that you’re walking the path, it’s coming out of you, you are connected to it.” ~ Freya Matthews

Oil on Canvas [16x20inch] © Omay Lee 2020
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