Secrets of the Butterfly [Oil on Canvas 16×20 Inch] © Omay Lee 2019

In a world once abundant with insects, their populations are rapidly declining. It is easy to forget how deeply our souls are intertwined with them. Yet our dreams can take us to places long forgotten. It is the unforgetting of the forgotten, which unlocks the secrets that metamorphose us into our true nature. Can we live in communion with these myriad beings? The butterfly holds many ancient secrets. In ancient China, the poet Li Po once spoke of his friend Zhuangzi, who had a sacred dream. it goes like his:

Zhuangzi dreamed of being Butterfly,
As Butterfly once dreamed of being He,
Their souls encounter and transmogrify,
A thousand myriad beings they may be.
@ Omay Lee 2019

Secrets of the Butterfly – Oil on Canvas [16×20 Inch] – © Omay Lee 2020

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